An integrated communications agency… made up of people

A networked story

Creativity Network Management, our integrated communications agency in Rome, was born to bring together 6 different areas: graphics, video, web, packaging, interior design and social media. In 2015 we officially changed name to CNM Comunicazione, but without losing the networker attitude we have been known for since the beginning. Regular collaboration with our initial partners and a growing network of contacts throughout the territory are proof that our original way of working is successful. Following a brief taste of the food & beverage world, we began to collaborate with the tourism sector. Over the years this industry became the launch pad from which we took flight. A particularly motivating world in which we have been working for several years. We now feel confident we can make our own contribution to it with a wide range of products and services, all characterized by a distinctive creative style. Our ideal customers? Those who have stories to tell, emotions to live and let others experience… just like us!

Luca Scarpellini

The creativity expert

I started doing graphic design as a teen for discos along the Riviera Romagnola and, being a real nerd, I started programming websites when the Internet was still in its infancy, particularly in Italy. This gave me a chance to make my way in the entertainment world, as a circus show agency. After years of “bohemian-like existence”, I got my head straight and, completely abandoning my career as a mechanical engineer, I decided that a degree from the Accademia di Belle Arti with a final dissertation on Batman would be much more satisfying. After spending some time in film production and advertising companies, I launched Creativity Network Management, which in 2015 changed to CNM Comunicazione. An engineer’s mind and an artist’s spirit: a perfect combination that sets me apart and keeps me creative, but with my feet firmly on the ground.

Martina Gentile

The illustration artist

I’ve always loved drawing. It was the most natural thing in the world to pick up a pencil and create something that was just mine. At the same time, however, I also loved mathematics and music. They have two essential features for me: rigour and madness. Having graduated from a scientific high school and then studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, I embraced and got to know these two worlds while a new universe was opening up in front of me. My years at illustration school finally brought down all stylistic conventions: why must the sky always be blue? Why start from a white sheet of paper and not purple? Watercolor, pencils, ink, xylography and collage are the techniques through which my illustrations come to life, remaining in harmony with my world. Now that I feel an essential part of CNM Comunicazione, I think back with a smile to my period as an intern.

Endless multiples of two

How can just the two of us manage the work of our integrated communication agency? We rely on an extensive network of agencies, professionals and suppliers. We personally take care of each project by coordinating the best communication companies. Where we cannot reach with our own powers, our faithful partners come to the rescue! We do not like to use the word “competitor” because every company in our sector is a resource for us, a means for exchanging opinions and experiences. This innovative approach seeks to combine tools and companies, making both us and our “co-workers” stronger and more aware with every communication project we carry out. Why? That’s simple: behind every project there is a special guarantee: our signature. The sign of extreme formal rigour and of exclusive and refined illustrated graphic design

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