Illustrated travel catalogues

Capviaggi, Tuscan tour operator specializing in coach travel in Italy, Europe and the world. A truly dynamic company, with a friendly approach and open to innovation in tourism communication. Our graphic design studio in Rome was chosen by Capviaggi for the design and layout of its new travel catalogues, all characterized by a unique style, elegantly illustrated and completely re-imagined, from the language, now less didactic and more friendly, to the graphic design, based on colour, a new set of icons, both ironic and unconventional, and digital painting illustrations. A journey that has just begun, but is already refreshing the brand and implementing an identity that reflects the joyful and lively nature of this amazing company.

  • Graphic design of travel catalogues
  • Creation of digital painting illustrations
  • Search for photographic images
  • Copywriting
  • Catalogue layout
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