Viaggi del Mappamondo

Comprehensive year-round communications consultancy

Viaggi del Mappamondo, a tour operator with a long history, uses CNM Comunicazione for advice on communication strategies, standard graphic design and the design and production of corporate catalogues, as well as the regular upgrading of digital platforms. We have thus been able to fix a functional and elegant graphic design and style, one that is evolving continuously. Thanks to ongoing annual restyling, Viaggi del Mappamondo’s catalogues now have a clear identity and impact on the market. The same goes for the website, constantly updated and expanded with new sections and landing pages for tourism agency marketing campaigns.

  • Brand communication consultancy
  • Advertising campaigns for branding and tourism agencies
  • Graphic design and layout of travel catalogues
  • Illustrations and graphics
  • Landing page layout design and production
  • Corporate logo restyling
  • Global image
  • Graphic design of corporate and product brochures
  • Graphic design of event posters
  • Promotional stand design and production
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